Monday, April 15, 2013

World Tour Revisited: Charlie arrives in Algeria from Nice, April 15th, 1931

The caption reads: Charlot arrives in Algiers
There is something romantic about the name Algeria. It stimulates my imagination. I can visualize wild Saracenic tribes adorned in flowing colored togas.
I have a profound respect for their mode of living. They have the true meaning of life- these children of Omar Khayyam--with their camels and dates, so different from us victims of industry.
Owing to the mildness of the climate, Algiers has become a favorite resort for those seeking to escape the rigors of a European winter. As we approach its port, the city with its dazzling white terraces, its myriads of windows reflecting the glow of the African sun against a green hilly background gives one the impression of a cluster of pearls set in an emerald frame.
With all his Omar Khayyam philosophy, the Arab is an enthusiastic film fan, for when we arrived thousands were lined along the road all the way to the hotel. ("A Comedian Sees The World," Nov. 1933)
In order to avoid the hype surrounding their relationship, May Reeves traveled separately and arrived a couple of days later.

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