Monday, April 22, 2013

With ballerina Anna Pavlova at the Chaplin Studios, c. 1922

“The sublime is rare in any vocation or art. And Pavlova was one of those rare artists who had it. She never failed to affect me profoundly....As she danced, every move was the center of gravity. The moment she made her entrance no matter how gay or winsome she was, I wanted to weep, for she personified the tragedy of perfection.” (CC, My Autobiography, 1964)

Here Pavlova performs her signature ballet, "The Dying Swan," in 1925. This is so hauntingly beautiful, it's easy to see why her dancing had such an impact on Charlie.


  1. Stunning film. Charlie and Anna look like they could be brother and sister!

  2. unqualified commentary alarm: yupp -- they shagged.

    1. haha. well, he did have a thing for dancers.