Thursday, March 28, 2013

Charlie (left) at the wedding of Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks, March 28th, 1920

In his autobiography, Charlie claimed he was not invited to the ceremony because he had spoken so strongly against their marrying (he told them they should “just live together and get it out of their systems”) that when Doug & Mary finally did so, they invited all of their friends but him. Not so, apparently.


  1. Why do you think he would say that in his book, when any picture could prove him wrong?

    1. Good question. Maybe he didn't remember being there or perhaps he thought saying he wasn't invited made for a better story. He makes a similar "mistake" regarding Thomas Ince. Charlie denied he was on the yacht when Ince died, then claimed he visited him in the hospital two weeks later even though there is a picture of Charlie at Ince's funeral two days after his death.

  2. well, SOMEone looks terribly excited in this photo... ;)