Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Claire Bloom

Below, Claire talks about working with Charlie at a 60th anniversary screening of Limelight in Oct. 2012 (Norman Lloyd was also present at this event. A link should come up for his talk about halfway through Claire's. If not, click here to watch. It is not to be missed.)


  1. Wonderful--what a treat! Hard to believe Claire Bloom is 80 years old--she looks so beautiful.

  2. I love how she talks about him like he's still alive. Maybe in her mind he still is.
    I also love that she bought up the connection between her and Oona. Sometimes I think the parts where Calvero doesn't want Terry to marry him was his own way of telling Oona how surprised he was that she ever wanted to marry him.

    1. Yes, when he says "but I'm an old man." In real life he must have been surprised that younger women still found him attractive, although being rich and famous didn't hurt either, I'm sure.

      Oona and Claire were so similar in appearance that Oona even stood in for Claire in one scene.