Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Role I Liked Best by Paulette Goddard

Source: Saturday Evening Post, June 12, 1948


  1. I love this. Shows there was respect and a lack of bitterness between them. I am a big admirer of PG, and think her best work was with Chaplin and then Bob Hope.

    Curious - did anyone else read the "Opposite Attraction" biography and get the feeling that Julie Gilbert just really didn't like or care about PG?

    1. I think Paulette did her best work in Chaplin's films. I read Opposite Attraction and liked it very much. Gilbert does seem unsympathetic towards Paulette at times, but makes up for it with Paulette's letters and late in life reminisces which are quite interesting.

  2. Thanks - I have to say, I LOVE this site, and visit it quite often to enjoy these rare images you find. Thanks very much for the work you put into this site.