Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cover of Spanish magazine Popular Film (Sept. 9th, 1926)

Front cover photo by Albert Witzel, c. 1923.


  1. How interesting!! Is there also any contents about him inside or just in the cover?

    1. Ups! I got it in my home and didn't know it!(I live in Madrid). There are two little mentions inside,which i'll try to translate: one is made in pg 3(numbered as 1) by May Allyson who puts CC as example of career made step by step gradually to success; Another mention in pg numbered 14, a note at the right of the page: " OUR COVER. Who doesn't know the great Charlot?So is him, or rather, Mr.Charlie Chaplin, who is in the cover of this number, with a thoughtful expression that contrast with the bunny little laugh with which appears in his movies".