Friday, November 7, 2014

His Musical Career hits a snag

Filming this scene held up traffic for hours on a busy L.A. street.

Filming on location was the norm in the early silent days. But given its distractions, Charlie was often at odds with these expeditions. In fact, he loathed them.Therefore it's not surprising to find the following clipping about a problem Charlie encountered during location shooting for His Musical Career, which was released 100 years ago today.

Moving Picture World, October 24th, 1914. ("The Song Shop" = "His Musical Career")

According to Chaplin by Denis Gifford: "only Charlie's fame saved him from arrest."

For a closer look at the filming locations for His Musical Career see this post on John Bengston's "Silent Locations" blog.


1Chaplin, My Autobiography,: "I loathe working outside on location because of its distraction. One's concentration and inspiration blow away with the wind." Charlie was describing the location shoot for Shoulder Arms which was filmed during a "sizzling heat wave" and added that "working inside a camouflaged tree was anything but comfortable."


  1. Spring Street got a dose of Chaplin perfectionism!

    Great site, btw! :)

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that he looks so different in this movie? Not like the usual tramp!