Saturday, April 9, 2016

Charlie & Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. playing "Doug" at the Fairbanks Studio, April 1923

"Doug" (short for "Dougledyas") was a game made up by Douglas Fairbanks. It was a cross between badminton and tennis. A shuttlecock was used instead of a ball and you could also use your body to hit the birdie instead of the racket.


  1. What an assortment of styles in those rear car windows. Those old cars reminded me how far back in time this actually was. Wondering what percentage of those 'modern' car owners even had a water closet inside their house yet.

    1. Yes, I was looking at the cars also and noticed that they really help to put the photo in a historical context. I didn't notice the windows though - very cool. Sorry CC the back ground is interesting too...! I did notice how "light" Charlie's hair is here and how thin Vanderbilt is.

  2. Guess Georgia Hale was wrong when she said she taught Charlie how to play tennis after he built tennis court on his property on Summit Drive.