Thursday, December 17, 2015

With Count Lorenzo de Besa, Vice-Consul of Peru, & other foreign diplomats, Christmas Day, 1927

Chaplin died 50 years to the day after these photos were taken.

According to the Los Angeles Herald, his guests were treated to a sneak preview of The Circus.

See more pictures here.
Chaplin inscribed this photo: "Los Angeles 25th December 1927, To my friend Count L.S. de Besa,
 In remembrance of the lunch ? dedicated to you with the assistance of many foreign diplomats representing
 twenty two nations in Los Angeles, as a mark of my estimation and friendship. Sincerely, Charlie Chaplin"
This photo is inscribed: "To Joseph F. Triska, Consul of Czechoslovakia,
My Best Wishes, Charlie Chaplin, Christmas 1927"


  1. I have two different original prints of the group photo at the bottom. Good to know what it's all about and the names of some of the indivuals. Thanks!

  2. Who does meetings on Christmas Day?