Thursday, November 15, 2012

Performing the roll dance from THE GOLD RUSH out of costume, 1929

For a long time I thought this photo was taken in 1925, only because I figured it was taken around the time Charlie was filming The Gold Rush. But I recently discovered that the photo is actually from 1929. It was taken for Screenland magazine & accompanied an article written by Charlie's friend, Rob Wagner.

 Here is a message I received from Jeffrey Vance:

"THE GOLD RUSH image I used in my book and left it undated. I wasn't sure of the year either. However, I examined the original camera negative (and the variants) and they are all consistent with the THE GOLD RUSH negs. That doesn't mean 1924-1925 conclusively, but neither does a caption from 1929. It may be "exclusive" or "new" in that it was unpublished prior to 1929."

Source: Screenland, December 1929. Unfortunately this version of the photo is reversed.


  1. His hair got significantly whiter post divorce. I'd place this as 28-29.


    1. Personally I don't think his hair got *significantly* grayer because of the divorce. However I have always felt that this photo was taken later than 1925. I will also add that there are photos from 1924 where his hair looks just as white as it does in photos from the later '20s. For instance:

    2. I don't know where all these spaces came from!