Sunday, November 18, 2012

Original Caption:
"Exclusive Picture: Charlie Chaplin at His Home.  Mr. Eduardo Bedoya, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, presented Mr. Chaplin with book of art, a gift from the people of the Argentina in appreciation for his pictures as they acclaim him the most popular motion picture actor in filmdom. Photo shows Mr. E. Bedoya and Charlie Chaplin looking at the book. March, 22, 1933."

I wonder if that’s a picture of Charlie, Jr. & Sydney on the piano behind Charlie?  In his memoir, Charlie, Jr. said that his father kept a picture of him and his brother on the piano & that they often wanted to change it to a more up-to-date photo as they grew older, but Charlie preferred to keep the same one, which the boys hated because they thought that they looked like little girls in it.

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