Saturday, November 3, 2012

Charlie with Edgar Neville & Sergei Eisenstein, c. 1930

L-R: Edgar Neville, Sergei Eisenstein, & Charlie

With Eisenstein. A little better quality. 


  1. Woh. I was actually going to comment about the short shorts but you beat me to it! Not a great look, in fact they look a little uncomfortable!
    PS: I have discovered I am not very good with proving I am not a robot - those letters are tricky...

    1. I wonder if he's wearing a bathing suit under his sweatshirt? I didn't think men wore such short shorts in those days.

      I just added the word verification to the comments because I was getting bombarded with spam. I'm not a fan of them and if it gets too annoying for people, I'll change it back.

  2. Where did you get that photo from?
    Is there any possibility of finding the original?