Thursday, November 15, 2012

Charlie's bio from Who's Who On The Screen (1920)

This bio gives Charlie's birthplace as Paris, France, but he was actually born in London. Early in his career, Charlie told the press he was born in France, probably to make his background seem less grim and more exciting. His height is incorrect as well. According to Lita Grey and his son, Charlie, Jr. (as well as his passport), his height was closer to  5’ 6 1/2”. It is believed that Charlie underestimated his height in those days as a means of reinforcing his image as “The Little Fellow”.

The photo used in the bio was taken at the White Studio in NYC, c. 1910-11, while Charlie was on tour with the Fred Karno Co. Photos from this sitting were used in ads, postcards, and other publicity materials through the early 1920s, even though more up-to-date photos of him were available.

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