Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cutting his daughter Josephine’s hair, c. 1960s

In the last photo, he is holding up the cut hair like it’s a mustache.

Charlie was notorious for cutting other people's hair, sometimes with less than perfect results. Among those who were at the receiving end of Charlie's scissors were May Collins, May Reeves (who claimed Charlie cut with such fury that she had to beg him to stop), Oona, King Vidor & Sid Grauman (Charlie cut off so much of his thick, curly hair, Sid didn't speak to him for weeks afterward). Charlie often cut his own hair because he didn't like going to barbershops (something he once called his "pet aversion". He went to barbershops more often later in life). He also liked to style the hair of his leading ladies and even trimmed Mack Swain's beard for The Gold Rush.


  1. But Ivor Montagu said that Chaplin gave his wife "the most marvelous haircut she's ever had" :) Sometimes I feel that there are a lot of myths created about him.

  2. Yes, she did. Note that I said *sometimes* there were less than perfect results.