Friday, October 12, 2012

Newsreel footage, April 1927

Mrs. James Walker, wife of the Mayor of New York City, Manhattan Borough President Julius Miller, and Charlie, all ride in a stagecoach around Manhattan to promote "Slippery Gulch", a charity fundraiser. That's Charlie sitting on top of the stagecoach, holding a whip and wearing a cowboy hat. There are some nice closeups of him around the 1:10 mark.


  1. He seemed a little worried about his smile. Shyness only?

  2. I think (and I don't know much...)that he was self conscious of his big teeth. You can see in close-ups that he had a lot of teeth trying to squeeze themselves in. This video is so odd! This was during his "bad time" with Lita right? I thought he was trying to lay low in 1927. The Circus must have finished filming and editing?

    1. Yes, this was during his divorce from Lita. He had shut down production of "The Circus" at this time. You can usually tell the scenes he shot after the divorce because he had to dye his hair black to cover the gray and it's very noticeable--especially in the tightrope scenes.

      I don't believe Charlie was self-conscious about his teeth. According to May Reeves' book, he thought he had "sound fangs for an old man". I think Charlie was just shy in general, and it comes across in this footage.