Monday, October 8, 2012

Lita Grey Chaplin with her sons, Charlie, Jr. (right) & Sydney, 1927

For many years, Lita called Sydney “Tommy” because of her dislike of his namesake, the elder Sydney Chaplin (Charlie's half-brother), whom she claimed made a pass at her while she was married to Charlie. Lita had wanted to name her second-born son after her paternal grandfather, Thomas Edward MacMurray, but she lost the name battle to Charlie who wanted to hand down a family name.


  1. You would think since Charlie caved on the naming of Charles Jr that she would do the same, I'm assuming that Charlie did not call his son Tommy correct?

    1. No, Charlie never called Sydney "Tommy". I wonder if was even aware that Lita called him that. It must have been confusing for Sydney. Since Lita won the first naming battle, you'd think she would have deferred to Charlie's wishes the second time around.