Sunday, October 28, 2012

Charlie & his second wife, Lita Grey, October 1925

The couple were attending the premiere of Little Annie Rooney starring Mary Pickford.


  1. I find that in most of the pictures of his teenage brides I would never guess they are teenagers. I don't know if it is the clothes, the hair...? Odd.

    1. I have found the same thing, but frankly, people (including teens) of that era tended to look older than people of commensurate ages today. Part of it was style of clothing, hair and makeup, but also a level of maturity that kids don't have today. These days, everyone seems to have a very prolonged adolescence!

    2. Good point. They probably didn't have teenage clothes (like today - they are so very distinctive). They did all seem to dress as adults. They don't seem (except Oona) particularly good looking - don't mean to be snarky! But again I am used to women wearing lots of make-up and I am guessing that is missing?