Friday, October 12, 2012

With Arthur Laurents & Norman Lloyd on the tennis court of Charlie’s Beverly Hills home, c. 1950

Laurents (left) recommended Claire Bloom for the role of Terry in Limelight. Norman Lloyd played Bodalink in the film.


  1. This is all great stuff. Don't know where you're getting it, but I love it.

  2. I love Norman Lloyd. Such a fascinating life he's had, and so many great stories to tell - a career spanning at least nine decades from Welles' Mercury Theater, to film with Hitchcock and Chaplin (among others), back to Hitchcock with television, working as producer, actor, St. Elsewhere in the 80s, etc., etc., and continuing to work to this day - he's seen so much! And he's a great raconteur. I so wish I could go on that TCM cruise in January and get to see him.

    1. I always remember Norman's story about trying to steal one of Charlie's canes. He opened up a closet and there it was. He started to take it out and then Charlie came up behind him and gently took it from him and put it back. Norman felt that this wasn't the first time someone had tried that.

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