Thursday, September 13, 2012

Syd Chaplin films on TCM tonight

TCM USA will continue their tribute to Mack Sennett tonight with a handful of films featuring Charlie's brother, Syd Chaplin, including Gussle's Day Of Rest, A Submarine Pirate, & Lover's Lost Control. Click here for the complete schedule. The Gussle character was a version of Archibald Binks, a character Sydney (& Charlie) played in several Fred Karno productions, such as Skating, a scenario Syd wrote himself.


  1. bottom left -- the family resemblance is uncanny!

    1. I watched all 3 films last night and I noticed Sydney making several Tramp-like gestures, but did Sydney get them from Charlie or vice-versa? I've never thought that Charlie and Sydney looked much alike, but there were a few times last night that I noticed a physical resemblance between them--even my husband noticed it.

    2. Last night was the first time I saw any of Syd's own films, and I too was struck by my first recognition of a resemblance between Charlie and Syd! ;)

    3. go over to youtube and check out syd's 'charley's aunt'. it's an absolute hoot. shame his career didn't take off like his brother's because he was quite a good comedian.