Sunday, September 30, 2012

A song from CITY LIGHTS

This romantic tune accompanies the scene in which Charlie purchases flowers from the blind girl (after asking the millionaire for money) and then gives her a ride home in the Rolls Royce the millionaire has just given him.

The music, written by Chaplin, is from the original score for the film, which I prefer. Not the Carl Davis re-recording. To me, there is a difference.


  1. Ok - here's a question: In his teen age years didn't CC take violin lessons? I keep reading that he couldn't read music. For someone who also played the piano, who clearly had talent for music I find it hard to believe he couldn't read it. Maybe not at a high level like an orchestra member but somewhat? Thanks!

  2. Yes, he took intermittent lessons but he never learned to read music, at least not very well.